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European Parliamentary Forum on Population & Development

EPF is a network of members of parliaments from across Europe who are committed to protecting the sexual and reproductive health of the world’s most vulnerable people, both at home and overseas.

We believe that women should always have the right to decide upon the number of children they wish to have, and should never be denied the education or other means to achieve this that they are entitled to.

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NEWSLETTER in NUMBERS 541 MEPs voted in favour of a strong European Parliament report on the “EU and the global development framework after 2015”. Only 96 MEPs voted against. 143 French MPs voted in favour of a motion reaffirming a woman’s right to abortion. 7 MPs voted against.

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This manual provides members of parliament and decision-makers with a concise guide to how they can contribute to advancing environmental sustainability in the post-2015 framework.

EPF in the media

PARIS, 13 October - EPF Secretary Neil Datta attended a gender colloquium at the Institute Emilie du Chatelet in Paris entitled ‘Equality, a global sport like no other’. Mr Datta contributed to a round table discussion on anti choice activities in Europe.



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