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The role of Parliamentarians in advancing the Sustainable Development Agenda

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Parliamentary Handbooks

This manual provides members of parliament and decision-makers with a concise guide to how they can contribute to advancing environmental sustainability in the post-2015 framework. The publication was made possible by support from the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).

“There are so many linkages between the development and environment agendas that strictly separating them always seemed somewhat artificial. The whole post-2015 discourse provides us with a wonderful opportunity to address the challenges common to both areas,” commented Austrian MP and EPF Vice-President, Petra Bayr. “Challenges like affordable access to clean water, nutrition and food sovereignty, sustainable use of natural resources and, most importantly, climate warming seem to be two sides of the same coin,” concluded Hon. Bayr.

Members of parliament are uniquely positioned to shape, advance and implement the sustainable development agenda within their countries and beyond. They can lead the development of relevant legislation and policies, monitor implementation, ensure oversight, accountability, transparency and good governance. As representatives of their electorate, they can make the voice of citizens heard and define the fiscal and budgetary regimes needed to mobilise sufficient resources.

Yet, members of parliament are often overlooked as stakeholders and drivers of change in these processes. This is why this manual also looks at how parliamentary involvement can be concretely harnessed, fostered and intensified. It identifies which current and future entry points exist to make parliamentary involvement in the process and its implementation a long-term reality.

The launch took place on 5th June 2014, World Environment Day.





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