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Parliamentary Handbooks

EPF’s Parliamentary Handbooks aim to give Parliamentarians and other decision-makers a concise overview of a specific topic related to SRHR, population, or development. Members of Parliament in Europe are uniquely positioned to shape, advance and implement policies that can have a great impact on the improvement of life conditions of the world’s most vulnerable people, both home and overseas. Our handbooks not only provide an insight to critical issues, but also make concrete recommendations for parliamentary action.


Intelligence Briefs

Why are Sexual and Reproducttive Health and Rights important? What is the impact of humanitarian crises on SRHR? What do the European Parliament Elections mean forSRHR? Intelligence Briefs put forward EPF’s expertise and aim to serve as reference documents for policymakers on current affairs’ issues related to Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights  that arise in the European public sphere.



EuroMapping is a joint study by DSW and the EPF that scrutinises EU countries' development aid for population assistance and reproductive health, both in terms of their pledged commitments and actual disbursements. Reproductive health refers to sexually transmitted infections such as HIV/AIDS, maternal death and disability, family planning and gender-based violence. It “names and shames” good and bad performers, and includes specific recommendations on how to improve reproductive health and reduce poverty.


Other publications

Here you can find a range of publications, such as EPF's Activity Reports, IPCI Activity Reports, as well as other advocacy or information toolkits.   




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